Frequently Asked Questions

You search for a part, submit a request for quote, and we do the rest. We will source the parts, get the best pricing and delivery available, and make the quotations for you. If you like our offer, you send order to us. Choose IC-Yes, save time and save money. sells commodity, common, obsolete and hard to find electronic components. IC-Yes supplies Commercial, Industrial and Mil-Spec components to OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Service & Repair Organizations, Distributors, R&D Groups and other companies that require electronic components.
No, we don’t sell directly off our website, since we deal with discontinued and obsolete electronic components, the market price can change day to day depending on supply and demand. So we ask you to email us at or submit a request for quote and one of our sales associate will contact you with price and delivery promptly.
No, we sell to anyone with a valid resale permit or end users that need products for repairs and research.
We guarantee that we will meet or beat any reasonable price. We understand that you have many options in the independent distributor market but we want to be your strategic partner all purchases. So if you are offered a better quote than ours, please contact us and allow us to see if we can meet or beat your best price. This way you get the price you want and the IC-Yes quality and customer service you have come accustomed to.
The quote you receive from us is good for 48 hours, since we deal with discontinued and obsolete electronic components, the market price can change day to day depending on supply and demand. In most cases if you come back in 3-10 days and the parts that we quoted you are still available we can honor our quote. In other cases you might come back to order the parts and the lot of parts we were offering have been sold. We advise you to let our sales associate know when you plan on buying the parts and we can look at putting a hold on them until you are able to issue a hard copy purchase order.
We could do the shipment at the same day for our own stock parts, and the available parts from our domestic suppliers only need 2-3 business days to deliver. If the products from our international suppliers, it should be taken around 7-10 business days. Also you could ask our sales help to take precedence of your shipment if you really need the parts very urgently. Anyway we will try to do our fastest shipment for all of our customers.
IC-Yes’s quality assurance team carefully inspects the parts received for quality and accuracy per your order. Any discrepancies result in the products being returned to the supplier at no expense to you.
We provide 30 days warranty from shipment date.
We are glad to send the sample to the buyer for testing or checking. Usually the sample is for free and we often make the shipment via the international courier such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX or your designated forwarder. The freight charge should be paid by the buyer. And we could guarantee the quality of the sample is the same as good as your order quantity.
Sure, we’d like to take the photos of our components for your kindly checking if parts are in stock. You could approve your order after see the pictures of the outer package, labels, chips and pins. That will be much clear and ensure the condition of our goods. But for the available stock which need time to deliver, we hope you could send the order firstly and we will take the photos for your further confirmation before shipment.
It’s no problem if you don’t have an international collect account. We could help you pay for the freight fee in advance by our account. And the freight charge will be added into the total amount of the PI. Today many customers prefer to do shipment via our account even they have their own account since the prepaid freight fee is cheaper than collect.
We have access to 2500+ reputable manufacturers and distributors and we purchase parts in big volume so that we could offer a much better price with the quality you can trust.
In order to maintain a high quality process, our minimum order for in-stock items is $50.00 and non-stocked items is $100.00.
Our working time: Mon. through Fri. AM10:00—PM10:00   Sat. AM10:00—12:00(China Standard Time)

There may be a lag of several hours before we could process your order, depending on the time difference between your location and ours. Sincerely hoping your understanding!

Any other questions?
Please send email to us and we will promptly respond to your questions within 24 hours, often in less time. Thank you.